WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch
WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch
WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch
WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch
WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch

WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch

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“Never write reviews. Tried a lot to slim my gut (water, ACV, laser lipo, B12, calorie reduction) Thus far I haven’t seen anything as fast and effective as this. I applied it before bed and drank a lot of water. Woke up the next day and was amazed and how much my stomach had reduced. I lose 30 pounds in just 2 months of using this patch that’s why I will definitely recommend this.”— Rosemarie Brown— Detroit, Michigan

MIRACLE!!!!!! Noticeable results from day 1.  No effort at all. Doesn't leave any greasy residue or flakey bits. I have tried EVERY slimming product out there, but WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch is the only one I feel working. Amazing results since day 1. My favorite number 1 slimming product ever!" – Jessica Price, Texas, Dallas


You’ve heard the advice time and time again: If you're trying to lose weight, you should take in fewer calories. But what some people may not realize is there's such a thing as eating too little for weight loss. "Restricting calories too much almost always backfires," says Lisa Young, Ph.D., R.D., a nutritionist and adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University.


Toxins from our food, air, water, and environment bombard us daily. All of these chemicals must be processed by the body and eliminated safely. Each organ works to eliminate excess waste that's produced by natural metabolic processes, otherwise known as toxins. The problem is, that detoxification systems can quickly become overwhelmed, causing toxin overload. When this happens, weight gain is imminent.

This results in weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and energy loss. Someone is "sick with toxins" if they come up with bags under their eyes, aches all over, and have gained weight without doing anything different. The frustration and stress of how they feel cause them to gain even more weight, and they are eventually diagnosed with a disease.

WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch & WEIGHT LOSS

The WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch was developed after extensive research and development by multiple American Enterprises in collaboration with Starmoon International Inc. The patches are a novel home remedy for weight gain and fat accumulation. They are designed to help the body eliminate fat-building toxins and shed excess fat while preventing obesity.


  • Wormwood helps the body produce more digestive enzymes, which speeds up digestion and metabolism, allowing it to burn fat and lose weight. It also contains anti-oxidants and detoxifies the body of toxins that contribute to fat accumulation. These aid in the breakdown of fat cells.
  • Menthol is an active compound that aids in weight loss. Improves metabolism by facilitating better digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Camphor is an anti-obesity agent. It scrapes out and eliminates the toxins that cause fat accumulation and storage.
  • Ginger boosts calorie burn. It regulates insulin levels, increases metabolism, and aids in post-workout recovery.

"Wormwood is also a potent weight loss ingredient in and of itself because it stimulates the production of digestive enzymes such as Lipases, Protases, and Amylases, which break down food and fat better and allow the body to absorb nutrients more effectively, and when combined with the other ingredients Camphor, Menthol, and Ginger, the patches become a very effective supplement for losing weight and burning fat."
- Dr. Angela S. Casey

WHAT MAKES WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch YOUR GREAT CHOICE?
  • Body detoxification
  • Improve the body’s metabolism
  • Eliminates fat and toxins
  • Holistic fitness approach
  • Calorie burning while sleeping
  • Body pain relief
  • Fast & visible results in 7 days
  • Widely applicable to any parts of the body


After 2 months of giving birth to my secondborn child, I was insecure with my body and due to the complication after giving birth I opted to find a natural way to lose weight. Luckily, a friend of mine suggested using WonderShape. In 1 week, of using this product I am in awe at how it got rid of my unwanted tummy fats. I can see that this will work in the long run.

After only 2 weeks of using these patches, I can feel a drastic change in my mood and body. I look fresh and healthy too. My weight is from 160 lbs. down to 150 lbs.

I can't believe that these wormwood patches are true to how it is advertised. In only a month, I was able to achieve my dream body. Not only that I am more confident in the way I dress and how I see myself. This product is life-changing!

How To Use

  1. Take the patch out of the package
  2. Peel off the protective backing layer
  3. Stick on firmly on the desired area or on both sides of the waist
  4. Recommended use: Keep the patch on for 8 hours each time.


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