Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream

Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream

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Discover the secret to flawlessly smooth skin all over with Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream, your ultimate solution for full-body hair removal

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"Before, I struggled with relentless hair problems that made me feel self-conscious and insecure. Shaving often led to painful razor burns and ingrown hairs, while waxing was a time-consuming and uncomfortable ordeal. I longed for a solution that would provide lasting smoothness without the hassle and discomfort. Upon using Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream, I was amazed by the results. Its gentle yet effective formula effortlessly removed even the most stubborn hair, leaving my skin unbelievably smooth and soft. Unlike other methods, there was no pain or irritation involved. The cream worked quickly and efficiently, saving me precious time and providing long-lasting results. Now, I feel confident and liberated, knowing that I can maintain smooth, hair-free skin with ease." -Rachel Nguyen, 30, San Francisco, California

"I can't express how thrilled I am with the results of Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream! After just one use, my skin feels incredibly smooth and hair-free, giving me the confidence to flaunt my legs without any worries. Unlike other hair removal methods, I've tried in the past, this cream is gentle on my skin and doesn't leave any irritation or redness behind. Plus, it's so easy to use! I simply applied the cream, waited a few minutes, and then wiped it off - voila, silky-smooth skin!” -Jessica Patel, 35, Chicago, Illinois

How does Glycerin help?

A study conducted found that applying glycerin to the skin is beneficial due to its humectant properties, which draw moisture into the skin. The recommendation suggests using a pre-wax product containing glycerin to prime the skin and increase moisture levels, ensuring it is adequately prepared for hair removal procedures. By incorporating glycerin into the skincare routine before waxing, individuals can help protect their skin from potential damage and discomfort associated with hair removal. 

Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream contains glycerin, a hydrating ingredient that attracts moisture to the skin. By incorporating glycerin, this cream effectively moisturizes the skin, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable hair removal experience.

Effortless Silky-Smoothness with Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream for Total Body Confidence!

Experience the ease of hair removal with Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream, streamlining your grooming regimen with its simple application and rapid outcomes. Crafted for convenience, this adaptable cream is suitable for application across the entire body, delivering seamless smoothness from head to toe with minimal fuss. Bid farewell to the complexities of conventional hair removal techniques and embrace the luxury of velvety-smooth skin, enriched with whitening skin ingredients for an added radiant glow.

Flawless Skin: Your Ultimate Hair Removal Solution

Experience flawless skin with our revolutionary hair removal solution, eradicating stubborn black spots and ensuring a clean, thorough removal process. Say goodbye to worries about thicker regrowth as our advanced formula tackles hair at the root, promising finer regrowth over time. Transform your hair removal experience from frustrating to flawless with our innovative solution, delivering smooth, radiant skin with every application.

Suitable for the whole body, smooth and without dead corners

Your ultimate solution for effortless hair removal, perfect for every part of your body with its smooth application and thorough coverage, leaving no area untouched. Whether it's your arms, legs, armpits, or bikini line, this cream ensures a seamless and effective hair removal experience without any missed spots or pesky dead corners, guaranteeing silky-smooth skin from head to toe. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple products and hello to the convenience of one cream that caters to all your hair removal needs.

Easy and Effective

Gentle and hypoallergenic, enriched with plant extracts for a soothing and non-irritating experience. Infused with imported soothing ingredients, free from any irritants, ideal for sensitive skin. Effortlessly remove hair with our easy-to-use cleaning technology, leaving no dark spots or residue, and boasting a pleasant, fresh scent.

 Key Ingredients for Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
Lauric Acid: Lauric acid acts as a surfactant, breaking down the bonds between hair and skin, making it easier to remove hair from the follicle. Its emollient properties also help to soften the hair and lubricate the skin, reducing friction during the hair removal process.

Myristic Acid: Myristic acid possesses cleansing properties that help to remove dirt, oils, and impurities from the skin, ensuring a clean surface for effective hair removal. It contributes to the creamy texture of the hair removal cream, enhancing its spreadability and adherence to the hair for thorough removal.

Ethanethioic Acid: Ethanethioic acid, also known as ethyl mercaptoacetate, serves as a depilatory agent, dissolving the proteins in the hair shaft and weakening its structure, facilitating easy removal from the skin. Its mild exfoliating properties also help to slough off dead skin cells, allowing for a smoother hair removal process.

Glycerin: Glycerin acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin and preventing dryness and dehydration during the hair removal process. Its lubricating properties aid in reducing friction between the hair and skin, making the hair removal experience more comfortable. Additionally, glycerin helps to maintain the skin's natural barrier function, protecting it from irritation and promoting overall skin health.

 How to Use:
  1. Apply a thick, even layer of the cream onto the area where you want to remove hair, making sure to cover all the shaved hair completely.
  2. After 8-10 minutes, use a towel or scraper to wipe off the cream along with the hair. If some hair remains, you can leave the cream on for a bit longer but don't exceed 10 minutes in total.
  3. Rinse your skin with clean water to remove any leftover cream. Avoid using harsh products like soap on the area where you removed hair.
 Package includes:
  • 1 PC - Small Scraper
  • 1 PC - Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream
How does Glycerin help with hair removal?

Glycerin attracts moisture to the skin, aiding in its hydration and preparation for hair removal.

Is Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream suitable for all body parts?

Yes, it's designed for all body parts, ensuring smooth and thorough hair removal without any missed spots.

What makes Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream unique?

Our cream targets stubborn black spots, ensures clean removal, whitens the skin, and promises finer regrowth over time.

Why is Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream easy and effective to use?

It's gentle, hypoallergenic, and effortlessly removes hair, leaving no residue and offering a pleasant scent.

Is Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream waterproof?

While our cream is water-resistant, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to water immediately after application to ensure optimal results. It's best to follow the recommended application and removal process for the best outcome.


Unlock effortless grooming and embrace smooth and radiant skin with our innovative solution. Our Smooth Touch HairRemoval Cream offers a seamless hair removal experience, ensuring smooth and radiant skin with every use. Designed with care, it's your go-to solution for effortless grooming and confidence.

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