Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches
Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches
Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches
Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches
Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches
Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches
Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches
Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches
Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches

Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches

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Get back on Track! Say Goodbye to your Sleepless Nights!

Are you tired of waking up every morning feeling like you’re walking through a fog? Are you tired of exhaustion and sleep deprivation even though you’re getting enough sleep?

If so, then Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches is the answer.

Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches is an innovative sleep aid that helps improve the quality of your sleep. This innovative patch can relax the muscles, speed up blood circulation, regulate your nerves and reduce stress levels in order to help you get the restful sleep you deserve. The ingredients found in this product work together to create a soothing sensation that will help block out all of those pesky distractions that keep us awake at night. With Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches, it’s not only about getting enough sleep but about getting high-quality sleep that  allows your body to fully recover from any stresses or strains placed on it throughout the day.

Ready to finally get some good rest?

Find Out Amazing Stories from Our Happy Customers’ Who Used Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aid Patches

“I’ve been struggling with insomnia for years. I’d get up in the middle of the night and just stare at my phone, or play games on it until I fell asleep. It was draining, and when I woke up in the morning, I was exhausted. Then my doctor recommended I try these patches, and they’re amazing! Now, when my mind starts racing at night and sleep doesn’t come, I put on one of these patches. Within minutes, I’m able to fall asleep again-and stay asleep all night long. Plus, they’re comfortable enough that you can wear them all day long if you want to! They’re worth every penny.”, Richard, 35, California

It’s been a problem for me since I was a kid. I had nightmares, and I couldn't stop thinking about them when I was supposed to be sleeping. It took me a long time to realize that I could just take a break from my thoughts for a little while by closing my eyes, and then I would wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. That’s why when Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches came along, it was like magic! Not only did it help me fall asleep when my mind was racing at night, but it also helped me stay asleep all night long. With Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aids Patches, there are no more restless nights or missed appointments because of exhaustion-I have the energy of a teenager again!.”, Zoie, 27, New York

What Makes Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aid Patches An Effective Solution For Your Sleep Problems?

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that causes difficulty  falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. Insomnia can be cute(short-term) or chronic (ongoing). Insomnia is common in the general population. About 30% of adults have some symptoms of insomnia during a given year and about 10% have problems often enough to be considered insomnia disorder. Insomnia is more common in women than men, especially among postmenopausal women. Insomnia can be caused by many factors including stress, anxiety, depression, pain and/or other medical conditions such as heart disease or respiratory disorders. Other possible causes include medications and poor sleep habits such as watching TV before bedtime or eating too close to bedtime.

Insomnia Relief Sleep Aid Patches are a safe and effective way to help you get a full night’s rest. The patches contain an herbal blend used for centuries to aid in sleep. The patches work by releasing their active ingredients into your bloodstream while you sleep, so you won’t have to worry about swallowing pills or dealing with side effects. 

The Insomnia Relief Sleep Aid Patch helps to restore and balance your body’s natural sleep cycle so that you can fall asleep easily and stay asleep throughout the night.

What are the Key Ingredients and How Do They Work?

  • Lavender is a very soothing and relaxing herb that has been used for centuries to help people sleep. It can be used in a variety of ways, including aromatherapy or herbal tea. Lavender also comes in a lotion form, which you can apply directly to your skin before bedtime. It is known for its ability to calm anxiety and reduce stress levels. In fact, it’s one of the most effective herbs for calming nerves and easing tension. It also has antispasmodic properties that help relax the body’s muscles, particularly those in the neck and shoulders which are often tight from stress or tension . 

  • Chamomile has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments including insomnia, digestive issues, muscle pain, and menstrual cramps. It is even said that drinking chamomile tea can help relieve depression. One of the most commonly reported benefits of chamomile is its ability to promote relaxation. Studies have shown that chamomile has calming effects on the nervous system because it contains high levels of linalool and terpenes which are both known for promoting relaxation. 


  • Improves sleep - Designed to work with your body’s  natural rhythm and cycle to help you fall asleep faster and longer.
  • Economical - Contains the same ingredients as prescription sleep aids but less expensive and easier to use.
  • Fast acting - Relieves the symptoms of insomnia including difficulty falling asleep and waking up too early with results as little as 30 minutes.
  • Safe and efficient -  Doesn’t disrupt your sleep pattern or cause any side effect like grogginess in the morning.
  • Organically formulated - Made with powerful ingredients and a blend of unique botanical formula proven to be safe and gentle.
  • Simple application - Helps you relax and achieve quality sleep by sticking the patch on your navel.
  • High quality material - Crafted from breathable, soft non woven and skin friendly material that’s  not irritating or won’t hurt the skin while in use.
  • Strongly Adhesive - These patches adheres on your skin, absolutely do not fall off no matter how you toss and turn.
  • Non invasive - A  painless process, does not need any medical procedure to get the job done

How to Use

1. Remove the backing of the patch.
2. Simply stick it on the navel area.
3. Make sure that your skin is clean, free from sweat or any other substance for the perfect adhesion
4. After a few minutes, you'll start to feel drowsy and can drift into a deep sleep.
5. Use the patch as needed.


    • Quantity: 6 patches per pack
    • Net weight: 10cm x 15cm
    • Size: 6 cm x 7 cm
    • Type: Patch

    Product includes

    • 1 x Insomnia Relieve Sleep Aid Patches